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Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 | 1 comment

Year Beast Brawl Event Guide

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The 2015 New Bloom updates gave us a new event, the Year Beast Brawl! The Year Beast Brawl is actually similar to normal Dota 2 match with All-Pick mode, but.. Each team will have their own Year Beast to help them every 5 minutes. When the Year Beast appears, you can use your Ability Points to upgrade the Year Beast and cast it skills. You can gain Ability Points from various ways during the New Bloom Festival.

New Year Beast Brawl Guide

However, as exciting the event seems to be, most of players (including me) is still confused with the mechanics of the event. That’s why we’re gonna give you a simple guide that will help you win the Year Beast Brawl event.

Important Facts!
1. When the Year Beast Brawl will happen?
Every day you will notice a countdown of the Year Beast Brawl in the matchmaking tab. This will let you prepare and gather your friends for the brawl. From my experience, the brawl happens around every 4 hours.

Year Beast Brawl Matchmaking

And luckily, there’s a great site that will let you know the next Year Beast Brawl without login into Dota 2:

2. When the Year Beast will appear in the game?
The Beast will appear every 5 minutes in the game. This means your team should gather and support your beast at 5 minutes mark (5, 10, 15, etc).

Year Beast Brawl In Game

3. How to get Year Beast ability points?
a. You can buy the points from Steam or from buying Crystal Maiden’s Arcana
b. Everytime you participates the Brawl, your ability pool will increase by 100
c. You will also get daily bonus which has different amount during each brawl
d. Each time you win a match with a friendly Crystal Maiden Arcana, you get 25 points

4. How to use Year Beast ability points?
Basically, there are two ways too spend your ability points:
a. Command Abilities, that will be execute instantly (Teleport, Double Damage, Thundergod’s Wrath, etc)
b. Upgradable Abilities, that will have permanent effect during the game

Year Beast Brawl Ability

Year Beast Command Abilities List

Command Ability Points Cooldown Description
Teleport 50 60
  • Teleport to a friendly building or creep. Functions in the same way as Boots of Travel
Attack Target 50 10
  • Targets a single enemy unit or building, gains haste. Alerts allies in chat when used.
Double Damage 50 10
  • Increase base damage by 100%. Lasts 10 seconds.
Heal 50 50
  • Heals the Year Beast by some percent of its health.
Thunderwrath 750 240
  • Casts Thundergod’s Wrath. Deals damage to all enemies.
Global Silence 750 300
  • Casts Global Silence. Silences all enemies.
Hand Of God 750 240
  • Casts Hand of God. Restores health to all team members.
Global Chakra 750 120
  • Casts global Chakra Magic. Restores mana to all team members.

Year Beast Upgradeable Abilities List

Path Level 1 (Free) Level 2 (5000 Points) Level 3 (10000 Points) Stacking Bonus
  • Attack Speed Aura: Allied units gain 30 attack speed in a 900 radius around the Beast.
  • Stampede: If there are 2 or more enemy Heroes within 500 range of the Year Beast, it causes a Stampede, and all friendly units gain haste and phase for 3 seconds.
  • Refresher Aura: When an allied hero casts a spell within 900 range of the Beast, that spell has a 50% chance to be instantly refreshed.
  • Multiple instances of Speed Path have independent cooldowns for Stampede, and independent chances to proc Refresher Aura.
  • Bash: The Beast gains a 12% chance to stun attacked enemies for 1 second.
  • Spiked Carapace: If 2 or more heroes are within 500 range of the Beast, the Beast will stun and reflect damage if attacked.
  • Berserker’s Call: If there are 2 or more heroes within 300 range of the Beast, they will be forced to attack it for 2.5 seconds.
  • Greater Hex: The Beast unleashes a magical smoke that expands outward in a 1000 radius, turning enemy units into harmless pigs for 4 seconds.
  • Multiple instances of Combat Path have independent chances to proc Bash, and independent cooldowns for Berserker’s Call, Spiked Carapace, and Greater Hex.
  • Healing Aura: Heals 10 HP every 2 seconds in a 1100 area of effect around the Beast.
  • Truesight: Grants truesight in a 1100 radius. The Beast will use Mekansm and Arcane Boots every 35 seconds in a 750 radius.
  • Smoke Aura: While standing near the Beast, heroes are smoked.
  • Resurrection Aura: If a hero dies in an 1100 radius of the Beast, it will be resurrected after 3 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 20 seconds.
  • Multiple instances of Support Path have independent cooldowns for Arcane Boots, Mek, and Resurrection Aura.

How to Win the Year Beast Brawl
The Year Beast Brawl match usually will end under 20 minutes, so make sure you don’t pick farm dependent heroes.
Recommended Heroes
Undying. Heal, nuke and the very powerful early team fight Tombstone. Cast the tombstone during the brawl and watch your zombies causing havoc!
Bristleback. During the brawl, spam your Quilspray and expect rampaging the enemy heroes.
Phoenix. Spirits and Nova are really good in the team battle. Not to mention % damage from the Laser.
Winter Wyvern
Winter Wyvern. Nuke slow with 7 seconds cooldown along with ultimate that will makes you battle your own Year Beast! The % healing also really good with the beast.
Lina. Huge damage dealer with the help of Global Chakra
Zeus. Huge damage dealer with the help of Global Chakra
Troll Warlord
Troll Warlord. Whirling Axes affects the Year Beast, Battle Trance destroys tower and also can help killing the beast
Razor. Easy +224 damage with Static Link
Viper. Really hurt on early game, high damage and the ultimate can bring down beast quickly
Wraith King
Wraith King. Max the aura and see your beast health almost full all the time
Ancient Apparition
Ancient Apparition. The ultimate will prevent the beast to be healed allow you to kill him easily

Also worth to mention:
Juggernaut: Healing ward (% max HP heal)
Witch Doctor: Healing and team damage
Omniknight: Repel and Heal
Axe: Distract enemies team and force them to focus on you
Abadon: Heal and Stun removal
Magnus: Empower gives Cleave to the Beast
Ogre Magi: Bloodlust
Dark Seer: Surge and Ion shell
Dazzle: Wave and Weave
Oracle: Just cast your ultimate to the Year Beast!
Warlock: Upheaval, Heal and Golem helps early teamfight and push
Crystal Maiden: Her ultimate really hurt when enemies are focused on the Beast
Ursa: Fury Swipes
Necrophos: Heals, Reaper’s Scythe and Heart Stopper
Tinker: March of the Machine and Laser
Sniper: Headshot to slow the Beast
Slardar: Armor reduce to make the Beast squishy

In Game Strategy
1. Focus on the enemy heroes. Even though YB is really strong, it has many limitations and can be kited easily. Focusing on the Year Beast in a team fight will usually get you wiped, then having your own YB picked apart. If you want to protect your YB, KILL THEIR TEAM.
2. Losing your Year Beast is not the end. Just focus on wiping the enemies heroes and then focus on the Year Beast. The Year Beast is have significant cooldown between each skill.
3. Short cooldown skills is prefered. To heavily dependent on the long cooldown ultimate usually won’t let you cast it on time.
4. Win your lane! If you win your lane, you could have better level and skills during the first clash.
5. Group with your Year Beast immediately. It is recommended that during 4:45 mark everyone getting ready to group with their Year Beast.
6. Always defend Tier 3 Tower. If you’re falling behind during tower trade, it’s better to teleport back and stage your defense.
7. Keep playing normal between the 5 minutes mark. Some players just idle waiting the next appearance while the enemies are busy farming.
8. Choose your upgrade path wisely. 2 combat – 1 speed – 2 support seems to be the ideal upgrade.
9. Lastly, this is just a fun game that doesn’t affect MMR. Keep smiling and having your fun!

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