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Posted by on Aug 9, 2011 | 12 comments

Virus (France) Replaces LGD (China) on the International

Virus from France

Valve has just made a changes regarding to the International participants since LGD won”t be able to attend this very first DOTA 2 tournament. Even though IceFrog said that it was because of visa problem, but i think it also has something to do with the recent LGD internal dispute. And the lucky team who got that precious slot is Virus from France.

Quoting what IceFrog said this morning:

We reached out to LGD this morning to see if they would still be able to field a team at The International in 9 days. Given that a visa from China to Germany is measured in weeks and not days, they informed us that they cannot make it.

Virus, from France, has accepted our invitation to attend.

Well, they sure are lucky! And here are the latest confirmed teams.

Teams :
- Europe: GGnet,
- Denmark: MYM, nevo
- Ukraine: Na”Ve
- China: CCM (changed name into iG), LGD (replaced by Virus), TyLoo, EHOME,
- Russia: M5
- Thailand: MiTH-Trust
- Vietnam: StarsBoBa
- Singapore: Scythe.SG
- Malaysia: MUFC
- Philippines: Mineski.Infinity
- France: Virus (replaces LGD)

Stay tune on the DotA2-Blog for the latest updates. And let”s hope the best team will win!

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  1. I DoNT CARE

  2. I DoNT CARE

  3. I wonder if the guys from virus got access to Dota 2 as early as the other teams or if they just got it now. In the latter case they would be very disadvantaged…

    • That might be true, but if i were them, i won’t complaint because getting into the tournament itself is already a great surprise :)

  4. what would be the rule in the tournament?

  5. why does valve invited Mineski.Infinity instead of Happyfeet?

    • actually happyfeet and mineski.infinity is one :)

    • actually happyfeet and mineski.infinity is one :)

    • actually happyfeet and mineski.infinity is one :)

  6. alief
    what time the tournament will be begin on this 17th?
    and is there will be new heroes in DotA 2?

  7. is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

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