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Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 | 1 comment

The Techies Patch is Here!

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Techies Patch

Finally, the Techies Patch pushed into the Dota 2 main client after last week it was introduced in the test client. Just like Valve revealed last week, the Techies Patch contains several awesome things. The first and foremost is the addition of Techies, a unique hero with exploding skill sets. All the DotA veterans surely remember how they carefully going into the Secret Shop, hoping there won’t be a bomb there.

All Random Deathmatch
Along with that, Valve also ported the All Random Deathmatch mode. This mode will force you to random a new hero every time you are death. So be prepared to play any hero that will coming. Two more features addition are the Triumph Gallery which will be your trophy showcase and All Hero Challenge which challenge you to play with all the hero in the Dota 2. You can see the hero that you should play in your profile.

The Techies Patch Changelogs

Added Techies

Game Modes
Added All Random Deathmatch

Added Gallery of Triumphs
Added All-Hero Challenge

Removed waiting for spectators in private lobbies

Increased low-priority ban rate for players who receive high numbers of reports

User Interface
Added many new loading screen tips
Fixed and adjusted several tooltips and ability descriptions
Alt-clicking on an item in an enemy hero’s inventory now informs your teammates that the enemy has that item
Alt-clicking on the buyback button or your gold will notify your team of your current buyback status
Items may now be dropped from the stash while dead
Fixed replay highlight reel transition graphic getting stuck on sometimes
Fixed a bug in the Coach UI where the help text sometimes overlapped the student checkboxes, rendering them unusable
Players can no longer drop or take other players’ unsharable items on the courier
Players can no longer store other players’ unsharable items in their stash
Items on heroes controlled by players who have disconnected, but not yet abandoned, can no longer be dropped from their inventories
Fixed a case where picking up an item owned by another player triggered an item combine, using items from the owning player’s stash. If the item was owned by an enemy player, this would combine and steal the whole item.

1v1 Mode
Side towers are now always Invulnerable

Added new Bot AI for Riki
Added new Bot AI for Pudge
Added new Bot AI for Axe
Bots in solo bot matches will wear your equipped cosmetics

Increased the size of the importer preview
Added particle system attachment point editing as part of the submission process for certain wearable items (like Drow Ranger’s bow)
Fixed a bug where sub model pages weren’t being flipped back to the first page when opening a model that only needed the first page
Fixed the attachment list not being initialized properly, which was leading to the default selection being blank
Fixed a bug where lighting in the preview would darken after the portrait editor was opened
Updated text to make it clearer that model budgets are in triangles, not polygons

Compendium Tools
Several new features for Third Party compendiums. Documentation at
Fixed test_local_compendium not precaching images the way the download path did, which resulted in subtle differences in some cases.
Fixed compendium video elements not working if they weren’t using the legacy element path.

Some players are actually unsatisfied with this patch because they thought that the 6.82 Gameplay Updates will also included. But let’s just see the bright side, even though it still using the 6.81b Patch, it will never be the same with Techies around. Enjoy the new patch guys, and careful with your step!


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1 Comment

  1. The thing kills public games in Dota 2.

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