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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 | 0 comments

The International 4 Champion: NewBee!

The new International champion emerged! After almost eliminated in the group stage, NewBee won all the match and finally reach the top! They won more than 5 Million USD! The match between ViCi Gaming and NewBee starting with ViCi take the first game after a difficult match between the two finalist. However, that game is the only game won by ViCi as NewBee did not let them take any more match. ViCi horrible draft combined with the NewBee unwavered determination, made ViCi gave up the game 2 until 4. Game 3 even only take 15 minutes before ViCi concede.

The International 4 Champion

Congratulation to NewBee, our new Aegis holder!

Some people might wonder, who is NewBee and why they suddenly reaching the top? After some reading, it seems while NewBee indeed a new team which just formed in the March 2014, their member mostly consist of Tongfu member which already have lots experience in the International! So, don’t be fooled with their new name, they are a great team and now the International 4 is belong to them! Congratulation NewBee!


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