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Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 | 0 comments

The International 3 Winner Crowned!

The International 3 Winner Dota 2

Alliance: The Aegis of the Champion is mine!

After an amazing Grand Final game between Na”vi and Alliance, the winner of the International 3 finally decided. After losing 2 times, Alliance can get up and beat Na”vi in the 5th game of the Grand Final.

1st Game: Na”vi 0-1 Alliance
2nd Game: Na”vi 1-1 Alliance
3rd Game: Na”vi 2-1 Alliance
4th Game: Na”vi 2-2 Alliance
5th Game: Na”vi 2-3 Alliance

The 5th game was really intense and maybe the most exciting game during the International 3. Started with some clash between each team, the decisive moment was when Na”vi all out pushing the Mid Rax of Alliance, the Alliance did not defend, but the attacked the Top and Bottom tower of Na”vi. With Prophet on top using Teleportation and Wisp linked with Chaos Knight on bottom using Relocate, Assuming the dealer does have a score of 21, all bets at the table lose with the exception of insurance and those who also have a natural blackjack . they both hitting Na”vi hard. While Na”vi is in the middle of confusion to come back, Puck who has just died, bought back and canceling the Na”vi Town Portal. Which causing Na”vi to lose top and bottom Rax.

It”s only a matter of time since that moment. And Alliance finally getting their first Aegis of the Champion with a total prize of 1.5 million US Dollar! Meanwhile, Na”vi, the 1st International winner and runner up of the 2nd International, once again failed in the final stage. But their performance in the International 3 getting them more fans than ever, thanks to Na”vi (dare) unusual picks.

What a game! What a tournament! See you next year guys!

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