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Posted by on Oct 21, 2011 | 12 comments

QoP, Broodmother & Skeleton King Enter the Dota 2! #21 October Patch

Patch Dota 2 QoP SK Brood
Another weekly patch has coming out, and this time we got 3 additional hero into the pool, Broodmother, Queen of Pain, and Skeleton King! ^^

Skeleton King

Queen of Pain



Added Broodmother, Queen of Pain, and Skeleton King!


Added player pause support.
- Fixed Weaver sometimes coming out of his invisibility for Geminate Attack.
- Added dropdown in lobby setup for selecting which team goes first in Captain”s Mode.
- The lobby password field has an apply button and lock icon lights up when the password is set.
- Fixed losing key input when you search the shop with the chat up.
- Fixed a recent bug that caused the Ice Blast trail debuff to not get applied to heroes.

Overall, this patch gives us 3 new heroes to try :D And the pause support will be a handy addition to the game.. Enjoy the new patch for those already have the Dota 2 Beta client. Those who weren”t, try to get the beta key from here!

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  1. hello i need a beta key for streaming to czech and slovak people with commented with microphone but we dont have this people and i am in dota good player write me on email : thx

  2. where is sk’s shield?
    maybe it will be added in the other patches.
    and he has too much mass to be a skeleton.

    broodmother looks really cool with that look.
    i still have to watch her how her skills do in DOTA 2.

    QoP’s ulti effects are good but not great.
    maybe they should try to add some kind of a rippling effect with QoP’s ulti.

  3. btw, for those who crave to see the how the heroes do in DOTA 2, go to youtube and find DotaCinema’s channel.

  4. so how can i get a beta key?

  5. An AI for dota 2?

  6. *———————*’ q emo├žao !

  7. Ey i want to have an beta key, i’m very good player of dota, just email me it please thanks

  8. when dota 2 come to indonesia???

  9. (Y) i love dota 2 uhmmm we have dota 2 in Phillipines?

  10. I like dota 2 as well. but in the Indonesian dota 2 has not been published. dota lovers in Indonesia is very long for the publication of dota 2. I hope dota 2 may be published in Indonesia as soon as possible, because of interest in Indonesian dota very much and they are waiting to play dota 2.

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