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Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 | 73 comments

PlayDota Gives 4 Beta Keys Everyday!

dota 2 beta key lucky draw
Want your own Dota 2 beta key? PlayDota has just made the most rewarded contest of all. You just need to post in a certain thread and voila, it”s done! They will

take 4 random user EVERY DAY and give them the beta key. Easy rite?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and make a post!

People Coming For : dota 2 beta key 2012, playdota beta key


  1. wow, fantastic!!

  2. its 6 now :)

  3. why i can’t find a dota2 server???
    how i can connect it??

  4. wooo……

  5. wooo

  6. Seriously cool

  7. Please give me a beta key of Dota 2 on my email !Thanks alot

  8. nice

  9. nice’ can u give me 1 beta key pls…..tnx :))

  10. I want one too
    MAKE ME HAPPY please

  11. i want 2.. :D

  12. Give me pls a beta key

  13. can u give me beta key

  14. i would love a key since i cant get any thanks with regards:DD

  15. actually I died when my css mate told me that he has a dota2 key !
    and I die even more when I have my own :D
    would be realy awesome to have one

  16. iwant me to beta plss give me thank you this is my email

  17. pls send me dota 2 beta key :D your help will be appreciate <3

  18. need a key here , die hard dota fan, plz email

  19. neeedzzzz dota2

  20. please give me a beta key please i want to try it out here my email add and ,i am the number 1 fan of w3dota allstar ,since 2007 ,

  21. key please!!

  22. please give me a dota2 beta key to

  23. key plssss mail

  24. I would die just to get these keys! Can I have one plzz?

  25. dota 2 pls for my boyfriend. :)

  26. Please key


  27. It is now 2012. Would love a key! Would pay off for waiting so long! :D

  28. Oh…

  29. key please

  30. key please! i need it!!!!

  31. Can i have key please??? please????

  32. hey, can u pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls gimme a dota 2 beta key, here’s my gmail: and if not good luck to all, and if u got it hope u enjoy dat aswum game!!!! peace out!! :D

  33. Please Key. my mail is

  34. plz give me key

  35. pls geive me the key

  36. pls give me the key

  37. can i have one?? heres my email tnx :)

  38. please gimme dota 2 key…. /

  39. plaese give me key

  40. I really wanted to play, I beg you, give me a key please

    thank you, i love you

  41. key pls…….

  42. pls give me beta key


  43. mail me the key plz

  44. keyyyy plsss!!


  46. I am in need of DOTA 2 Beta key. Please allow me to have one.

  47. plsssss give i really want to play dota 2 plss give me

  48. can you give me a key guys? :) or steam id:wingojc

  49. Key would be a dream come true :D

  50. Please Give Me Key
    Mail :
    Steam account :

  51. Please 1 Gift

  52. asdasdasda DOTA KEY PLEAS OR I WILL KILL my parents while sleeping!!!

  53. Plz Give Me

  54. invite mee! plZ! ^^
    ID STEAM: _ShINiGamY_

  55. Plz send me Key Plz ;_;

  56. Need 1 beta key pls~

  57. I would happy to get a key i dont like LoL that much :S

  58. please send me key
    mail :
    steam id : deathofcreator

  59. hey hi hello i NEED KEY

  60. I want a key

  61. key please

  62. PLS GIVE ME A KEY !!! steam: nfinity_techno

  63. I need a key please… mail
    steam me one please…

  64. DOTA 2 Bete Key please

    steam : blub54321
    thanks in advance

  65. Please give me beta key!
    E-mail :
    Steam account : megusta82

  66. I want in!!! Thanks for giving keys away!!


    steam keostr

  67. Please Give me key <3
    mail :
    steam : nightmare22281
    thx …

  68. plese give me a key… thx…

  69. Please give me a beta key!
    E-mail :
    Steam account : doombringer35
    Dota2 is awesome, hope I’ll get a beta key! Thanks. :)

  70. Can I have one :D

  71. dota2 key pleasee..thanks

  72. Pretty please with sugar on top, I BEG OF YOU.


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