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Dota 2 Open Beta Coming Soon? and.. Black Valentine for Dota 2 Fans

Dota 2 Dark Valentine

Valve once more announced that there will be no Dota 2 update this week. They are still preparing the network for the new Dota 2 Server. Furthermore, they also said that due to the network configuration, the will have to shutdown the current Dota 2 Server on Valentine Day, 14 February ( 24 hours, starting at 11am [...]

No Dota 2 Patch Updates for You Today!

Where's my patch?

Well, didn’t see this coming.. But unfortunately we won’t have a new Dota 2 Patch today. The Dota 2 team revealed that their effort to changes the way Dota 2 client updates is still need more test. But there still a chance that the updates will come in the following days.

My personal guide to the Dark Seer by PinkFloyder & XSCounter

This guide is really simple and mainly due to the reason that alot might has been written about this hero. BUT as far as i (PinkFloyder) played with a friend of mine, who is a Dota 2 PRO player (XSCounter), and we figured out other interesting cooperation combos with dark seer, that no one has [...]

Who Will Come Tomorrow?

Dota 2 Phantom Assassin

Last week, CyborgMatt has made an awesome analysis on the latest Dota 2 patch. Thanks to him, even though they are still not officially appear on the current beta version, we know that some heroes are under development process. Some heroes already entering final phase of the development, 4 of them even leaked on the [...]

Dota 2 January 27 2012 Patch Notes: Clinkz is Awake!

DotA 2 Clinkz

Clinkz the Bone Fletcher finally is risen on the latest patch of Dota 2, the 27 January Patch! This patch enable Bone Fletcher as well as fixed some bugs on the Invoker. And you should also remember that this patch is the last chance to save your replay, because the next patch will change the [...]