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More DotA 2 Beta Changelogs Leaked!

DotA 2

Couple weeks ago, we got a glimpse of the DOTA 2 beta changelogs. But if you feel that’s still not enough, then this is your lucky day, because yesterday the Dota-two managed to get a hold of the detailed changelogs. Let’s check it out!

DotA 2 Will Be Revealed on GamesCom?

Gamescom 2011 Valve

People are now craving about every single bit of DotA 2 information. And here you got it! After didn’t attend the E3, it seems Valve decided to participate on the GamesCom. According to the GoNintendo, we know that Valve will be join the other company (such as Electronic Arts, Capcom) in the GamesCom which will [...]

DotA 2 Changelogs Leaked!


DotA 2 Changelogs has just came up to the surface. Even though we’re all know that currently Valve is working on the DotA 2, the details are very scarce. Last month, we only know that DotA 2 won’t attending E3 and some person spotted the DotA 2 test server. But thanks to DotA2Talk, we got [...]

DotA 2 Won’t Attending E3


The E3 will be held next month on the Los Angeles Convention Center. Many people are curious if DotA 2 will attending the E3 because most of the popular game will come there.

DotA 2 Valve Server Spotted!

DotA 2 Beta Server

Recently, a fellow member of the Playdota forums is found something which is likely the Valve’s DotA 2 test servers. This is huge found, because until now there’s no particular updates about what happen with DotA 2 development.