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HoN is Now Free, But is it Enough?


Heroes of Newerth (HoN) recently has done something big, they decide to make the game free. Of course there’s a catch, now you can only play a limited 15 heroes pool a day. The available 15 heroes will change each week and players can purchase a hero to have it available permanently. To play other [...]

DotA 2 Tournament is Now Official! 1 Million USD Prize Money

Official DotA 2 Announcement

Well, it seems our previous prediction is true after all. Valve has just announced the DotA 2 Tournament which will be held on August 17-21 2011 in Gamescom, Germany. The announcement was put on the I guess this explain why the blog is moved to the Anyway here is the team that will [...]

Channeling Bar on DotA 2!


It seems another interesting leak is coming up in to the surface. This time, the Valve team is “accidentally” post the latest DotA 2 Changelogs on the Team Fortress 2 site. This happening almost at the same time with the redirection of the DotA 2 blog address from to, so it’s very possible [...]

DotA 2 Tournament Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

Remember our previous post about the DotA 2 tournament? We’ve just got a copy of the invitation letter from the SGamer. Check it out! Ah, i wish i was invited too..

The First DotA 2 Tournament Will Be Held in GamesCom


Couple days ago, we got a tips that a member of GosuGamers write a post that he overheard MYM players talked about a trip to Germany with other Asians teams. Since there are no other off-line tournament announced at Germany and given the fact that Valve will attend the GamesCom, he concluded that those professional [...]