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Posted by on Sep 10, 2011 | 92 comments

New DOTA 2 Hero Images Surfaced! (Updated!)

Some new images of DOTA 2 heroes are emerging. And some of them got a slightly model changes. It seems Valve taking the feedback from the community seriously, even for the hero model. You can check all the emerging hero models on the images below. Enjoy!

DOTA 2 Shop & Item Suggestion

The shop suggestion is so cool isn”t it!

DOTA 2 Dark SeerDark Seer with his spiked back!

DOTA 2 Leshrac

Leshrac with his Pulse Nova area indicator

DOTA 2 Pugna

Pugna with his creepy face

DOTA 2 Necrolyte

Necrolyte and his death schyte

DOTA 2 Enigma

Enigma ready to suck you into the darkness

DOTA 2 Witch Doctor

Beware of the Witch Doctor curse!

DOTA 2 Lion

Lion is still ugly on the DOTA 2

DOTA 2 Lich

Behold! Lich is coming and will freeze you!

DOTA 2 Razor

Hey Razor, we are electric!

DOTA 2 Slardar

Slardar ready to crush you!

DOTA 2 Sniper

Watch out! Sniper ready to assassinate you!

DOTA 2 Spectre

Spectre will haunt you tonight!

DOTA 2 Sven


sword seems really heavy

DOTA 2 Tidehunter

Beware of the Tidehunter“s Ravage!

DOTA 2 Tiny

Tiny is indeed tiny if you”re not taking the ultimate

DOTA 2 Venomancer

Venomancer“s poison is dangerous! Treat with caution!

DOTA 2 Clockwerk

Tick tock, the Clockwerk is walking!

DOTA 2 Ancient Appariton

Ancient Appariton seems so cold!

Anti-Mage with brand new blade and better face

Axe is introduced into the game

Enchantress with better details

Beastmaster with more detailed cosmetics

Chen, no changes?

Crystal Maiden is more colorful

Doom Bringer got bigger armor and horn

Drow Ranger with better look

Earthshaker ready to shake your ground!

Seems Faceless Void now got a green band on his elbow

Puck ready to “puck”!

The Nature”s Prophet ready to protect the Radiant

Mirana“s tiger got more details

Morphling new model which looks more watery

Shadow Fiend got a wing and darker face

Sand King got lot more details

Shadow Shaman with his glowing wand

Storm Spirit got bigger model, it seems Valve is hearing us

Tinker with his weapons

Vengeful Spirit is looking for revenge!

Viper got new wings

Weaver look stronger

New bow for the Windrunner!

Zeus with more sophisticated clothes

Night Stalker got a new pants?

Lina clothes looks more elegant

Pudge with new chain on his back

Wow, hoping for more to come! :D

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      Magdodota pa ba kayo?

      • Cool story bro.

      • this story is made by just some random weak players who doesn’t have a life in playing dota. some random noob shit.

        • those who plays dota a lot are the ones who doesn’t have any life.. Maybe just like you..

          • wahahaha looks great that balanar !

          • where is ogre magi ,keeper of the light , dragon knight , terrorblade , moon rider , ?

      • zz.. it’s just a game..

        for FUN only..

      • maybe yes
        but if we have faith to Jesus
        we’ll not get trap

      • It’s only a game, yet maybe if you play it while not taking all of the aspect of the game into your real life, then it wouldn’t be a trouble. Playing such a type of the game is just for fun, Imagine a game in which a satan can be defeated by us and we will be the winner. It’s a good game ?

        Nah, the opposite, if we lose, then the game will make us defeated by satan with a terrifying animation. Can we call those game satanic ? with some cursed word maybe ?

        Okay, so that’s explain the needs of the rating system in which it helps people who are underage not to play such a game as such a rude word exist in the game can let them to change to bad habit exist in the game

      • hindi pre, nasa sayo yan kung mgppdala ka jan, just for fun lang naman ang dota eh, kung me faith ka di ka mdadala. ^^

  2. double kill!

    Weaver looks AWESOME!

  3. cool

  4. i like the magina and zeus…
    where is terrorblade and kardel???

    • Just added Kardel/Sniper. But still cannot find any Terrorblade image

    • YA

    • Yeah…,Where’s TerrorbLade?? OMG!! My Idol, Gone!!

  5. Nightstalker got new pants!
    needs a celebration for it!

    • Yeah, maybe next time he will come with jeans lol

  6. aah viper cool

  7. wheres Tide’s fish? :O please dont remove the fish……

    • Oh yes, don´t remove Tide´s fish, looks so savage xD

  8. The Anti-Mage face is not very genius…(not seems like a worrier)… The style of Night Stalker is bad..(means not scary).Vengeful Spirit is uglier than in Dota 1! But, the others features are definitely fantastic… ;)

    • Yeah, the old Anti-Mage is seems cooler.. This one is like a punk with a blade..

      • It’s a real plaurese to find someone who can think like that

    • i totally agree.
      anti mage’s face seems to be some kind of monk, right? but its still not that cool.
      but you’re right its not really an intelligent look, like its just some punk who got high and stole two blades.

      night stalker’s model is not really a STALKER, he should have bigger and cooler wings and the pants are horrible.

      good thing they gave Viper wings, he just looked like an insect when he doesn’t have wings.

      • Exactly right!!! Anti-Mage style is like a Kun Fu Monk…It’s bad… And wings of Night Stalker are so tiny,is that pants really necessary for NS ?

  9. where is huskar???????
    oooooohhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo
    remove it?????????????

  10. Bigger model for SS ? Doubt it cuz this is a zoom img .

  11. Dude, the item suggestions are exacly the same as HoN’s….Even the names are the same….
    check here:

  12. i hope images of Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer, Bane Elemental, and Ogre Magi would be posted here soon.

  13. i hope there is Invoker

    • Invoker, plz!!!!

      • wala pang Invoker no bkt???

  14. .4 clock it looks good 4 me .. !!

  15. s all the heroes n dota 1 ..available n dota 2?

    • for now, there are some heroes that i’ve never seen since the International tournament.

      but yes, in the final retail version of the game, all the characters from DOTA 1 will be on this game too with different looks of course.
      Icefrog said that he’ll still update DOTA 1 when DOTA 2 is released, but that may change in the future and he may completely abandon DOTA 1 and put all his focus on DOTA 2.

  16. i wonder how meepo will look like…he already looks like a pig…

  17. where’s invoker?

  18. puck’s name must be fairy dragon:D

  19. the shop has suggested items for the hero just like HoN

  20. this is amazing.can I share this in my blog?

  21. i’d like to see how barathrum would look like.

  22. where is my Destroyer?

  23. so cool images
    I want more than this

  24. NightSTALKER – BALANAR omfg what did they do to you my boy? :(((((((

  25. Morphling looks great!!

  26. why change slardar’s weapon ? :/

  27. wew,,where’s my pet?ursa warrior?lolz

  28. tidehunters’ new style seems so crap,,

    • btr mirana rides white tiger..

  29. Balanar my friend! you got abs huh?

  30. what?! no one demands a tauren chieftain?!?!


  31. pudge with hair wtf?

  32. mirana is not night elf why?

  33. i hate new anti-mage :(( where is my cool – handsome boy :(( noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  34. “Night Stalker got a new pants?” “… maybe next time he will come with jeans”
    LOL!!! (at library)

    Ancient Appariton looks awesome and “cool”!

    Earthshaker should holding the mighty totem, it will looks *more* really to “shake the earth”!

    For Storm Spirit, I prefer panda.

    Can’t wait to see the new design of Invoker hero. I think it should be cool with three elements around (new) him.

    Even IceFrog said he will continue updating the DotA (1) after DotA 2 release, but I believe he will change his mind and fully concentrate on developing DotA 2 and someone will pick up the role to build DotA (1) :-)

    • im prefer panda too…

  35. dota 2 is very good

  36. nice valve hope you got fix the magina blade and a make hero the lich king

  37. where is DK??????????

    • DK here look so Cooler and More Knight-er

  38. spec and doom are so cool

  39. i don’t like the tiger of mirana, so ugly ! And stormspirit face like a clown ,i hope icefrog make it back to panda, at least make him more cutety! I think the best of model is enchantress , crystal maiden puck and drow ranger ! the bad is slardar ,storm spirit and tidehunter !

  40. my hero nevermore seems like great..



  43. wala si akasha?

  44. pati lycan ?

  45. zues? is really good lookingafter all..after that clothes his wearing..not that heavy armor b4.. lol

  46. jahrakal??

  47. where’s troll warlord???

  48. hey.. i hope u change the face of storm and magina.. storm’s face are like clown.. magina’s face are like he have a rash or something pls change it back to the old magina

  49. where’s abaddon

  50. where’s huskar and slark??

  51. how about terrorbalade(soul keeper)????
    do you have image of terrorbladE???

    • Terrorblade!!Nohh!!!!

  52. ???…….. ther so beautiful but other are ??????? where?

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  54. NS looks so terrifying lol!

  55. how to download dota 2 olz help

  56. where is cutie mutie akasha?? riki..? no one talked bout them… pity gal…. :)

  57. balanar is now a true vampire in the night :)) its very COOL !

  58. grbee..ganda ng mga photos..

  59. WHERE IS TROLL WARLORD??!!!!!!!!!

    • Troll warlord pls!! really miss playing him

  60. but where is the other heroes

  61. wow nc

  62. Phantom Lancer/Bone Fletcher? :

  63. Cool Axe =))

  64. nice heroes


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