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Posted by on Feb 2, 2012 | 3 comments

My personal guide to the Dark Seer by PinkFloyder & XSCounter

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This guide is really simple and mainly due to the reason that alot might has been written about this hero. BUT as far as i (PinkFloyder) played with a friend of mine, who is a Dota 2 PRO player (XSCounter), and we figured out other interesting cooperation combos with dark seer, that no one has ever mentioned so far (don”t know why).

Our combos are mainly (not gonna disclose all):

Dark Seer Omninight
tactics: shell on omni vacuum to omni centered ulti surge on other players, omni self-heal self-repell ulti RUN AND PWN together with your team = all dead

Dark Seer Enigma
tactics: shell on anyone melee in your team, Enigma casts ulti, you cast Vacuum to bring them all inside ulti = all dead

Dark Seer Void
tactics: shell, then surge on Void, Void casts ulti, you vacuum everyone in his ulti and cast ulti yourself = all dead

Dark Seer Ancient Apparition
tactics: 1. AA casts stun, you vacuum the enemy back in 2-3 seconds after AA casts his stun. 2. When in massive battle 5vs5 use Vacuum to bring all together ulti, and AA casts his ulti and slow in the area = all dead

Dark Seer Pudge
tactics: just cast shell on Pudge to improve his DMG or help him with hooking someone by vacuuming pple out of the creeps in the wide clear area with no obstacles

he hooks

Dark Seer Jakiro
tactics: This is a bunch of AOE as well, from ealry game be ready to cast vacuum JUST after (cuz there a bit of delay for Jakiro) Jakiro casts his Breath (1st spell) and get them all in DMG. You can easily do the same with his ulti and get all team into his annoying fire ulti.

Dark Seer Earthshaker
tactics: shell surge on Earthshaker, vacuum enemies, Shaker stuns them all Dagger inside ulti 2nd skill finish someone = all dead or almost dead.

These combinations can be numirous and the way you combo skills is not the only one. You can play with these interesting things alot and have a real fun of how tactical it can come out.

This hero is underestimated. I have played alot of games with him in the above-mentioned combos with my friend and he admits DS is one of the best supports and initiators and gankers of all the heroes.

All you have to do is just to train your fingures, and install skype for better skills cooperation. (like healing omni inside the vacuumed crowd of enemies or creeps for farming)

And btw. i was really annoyed reading about INVIS heroes, and their canning way of killing with DS”s shell. – There are much more interesting combinations.

And P.S. Most of the time (unless we get some real noobs and idiots who buy gem on lvl 1 e.g.) these Combos (e.g. omni DS) really make the match.

In case you disagree, feel free to join our games and play with us. Or Join OCN community in Dota2 chat, or invite. We shall always be ready to pwn with you. or you..)


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  1. You left out juggernaut. :)

    Have dark seer shell on juggernaut, then juggernaut spin, a very nice tactic to press enemies same lane with you.

  2. how about lich?? Vacuum + ulti + nova + ulti??
    or puck.. vacuum + ulti + all skills of puck…
    I gotta agree with all those comboes….. Dark Seer is
    the best combo partner you’ll ever know…..

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