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Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 | 6 comments

Krobelus Back From Death!

Krobelus Dota 2
Another patch is coming and this time Valve bring back Krobelus the Death Prophet from the grave! Krobelus is a great pusher heroes thanks to his spamable nuke and ultimates that can attack tower. Another updates is the new Dire animation when Radiant lost and the priority on the match making for the people who failed to start a match.

Here is the detailed changelogs!

Added Death Prophet!
Lifestealer: Fixed Feast working on denies
Nightstalker: Updated suggested item build.
Huskar: Fixed Burning Spears working through silence.

When purchasing while dead, items can go to the main inventory ( previously were sent to the stash ).
Fixed some item buffs not working when combined while the hero is dead.
Fixed ability tooltips not working when the game is paused.
Revamped the waiting for players (loading) screen.
If a player fails to connect and load, we now kick all the players back to matchmaking so we don”t end up 4v5.
Removed chat from game end panel, we now just show regular hud chat during scores.

Hooked up occasional flinches to lane creeps.
Reduced random blood splatter chances from creep to creep attacks.
Fixed Broodmother”s webs not showing up if you connected after they were created.
Screenshakes now work during the end game cinematic
Fixed character shadows sometimes not showing up.
Units are now pushed away from the ancient when it”s destroyed.
Updated pine tree foliage.
Added unique tree destruction and tree stumps
Added WIP radiant ancient destruction
Changed impact effects to have a specific hero variation
Fixed blood coming from mechanical units
Fixed Weaver afterimage effects not rendering properly
Fixed character shadows staying off if they were first rendered as invisible on a client

Alchemist”s concoction lines are now heard by other players nearby.
Riki will only say “This is Redundant” when picking up an Invisiblity Rune while invisible.
Fixed not hearing the ancient destruction sound effects if the camera was too far away.
Enabled the Unit Speech option in the settings panel.
Altered processing on Jakiro voices (in 12/1/11 update).

Fixed bug where bots would fail to attack Roshan.
Fixed bug where bots wouldn”t deny their own creeps.
Fixed spectating players still being able to control bots while spectating.
Fixed bug where bots would grab Aegis over humans if the human”s inventory was full. Now they”ll assume the human will drop an item for Aegis.
Fixed bug that could sometimes cause no one on a team to pick up Aegis.
Fixed bug where bots would freeze when they encountered a dropped item that they wanted to destroy.
Fixed bug where bots were only avoiding the outermost towers in each lane.
Bots now try to avoid each other somewhat, so they should no longer stack on top of each other as much.
Bots will now attack pets, controlled creeps, and minions in general.
Fixed case where heroes would backtrack after blinking.
Added bot avoidance to Ancient Apparition”s Cold Feet.
Bots will now use Glyph if their base is under attack and there are no humans on their team.
Fixed bug in Crystal Maiden bot that was preventing her from using Freezing Field.
Fixed bug where bots would tank Roshan until they died.

Enjoy the brand new patch! ;)

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  4. No more beta keys giveaways?:/

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