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HoN is Now Free, But is it Enough?

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) recently has done something big, they decide to make the game free. Of course there’s a catch, now you can only play a limited 15 heroes pool a day. The available 15 heroes will change each week and players can purchase a hero to have it available permanently. To play other heroes, you should buy a token. That’s how they make money. Fair enough to me.

But is this change enough to compete with the upcoming DotA 2 which is going to release this fall? Recently Valve has just announced the International, a tournament with 1 Million USD prize which is held on Germany this August. This news is like nullify HoN’s Free to Play news. Many people suggest that HoN will die soon enough because HoN is having the exact game play of DotA.

League of Legends (LoL), however, even though they also came from similar concept, their game play is quite different. And with around 15 million LoL player registered already, it’s possible that they will co-exist with DOTA 2.

But that’s just my thought? What do you think?

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  • EseQueL

    League of Legends is soooo sooo different from DotA

    • 1million$


  • Alief

    Yeah, you’re right, i just changed the words :p

  • Faizmuhd90

    hon hav unique heroes..dats make it diffrent from dota

  • EseQueL

    and now look at this new League of Legends gameplay
    ….seriously, LOL got a future xD

    • Alief

      Yeah, i agree..

  • EseQueL

    from lol staff..
    “Some of you have expressed interest in when Dominion will be available worldwide, and we wanted to respond to that directly. While we take a ?when it?s ready? approach to our feature releases, you will be able to play Dominion in a nearly complete state at GamesCom (August 17-21) in Europe and at PAX Prime (August 26-28) in North America.”

    so they will release it together with DotA 2′s first public apperance ey~

  • Saaanx

    If HoN (S2) were not have been so fucking retarded and dumb, they would have made the game F2P from the very beggining, so League of Legends would have never grown up and by now they would have their players, and the actual league of legends ones.
    But now they go and make the game f2p like ” I SURRENDER PLOX COME AND PLAY ”
    For gods sake what a dumbass people

  • Anonymous

    Comletely agree with the main poster, Alief.
    HoN = no chace
    LoL = pretty decent chance
    HoN is just a graphics and platform update from DotA. They literally copied most of the mechanics from DotA, including Tangoes (eating tree for early game regeneration). They also ported most of the heroes from DotA. Then HoN starts to fail, and they decide to go free2play. Guess what, now they steal from LoL, and use the exact same payment scheme.
    On the other hand, LoL has some unique elements that distinguish it from DotA, like elements that persist beyond each round (Summoner skills, those little runes/emblems/symbols you can equip), new game modes, and respawning barracks.

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