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Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 | 0 comments

Gallery of Triumphs

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Gallery of Triumphs

Along with All-Hero Challenge, Gallery of Triumphs is a new Dota 2 features which introduced in the Techies Patch. The Gallery of Triumphs will allow you to display all the trophy you have acquired. At the time Gallery of Triumphs introduced, there are 8 trophies that we can get. And Valve said that they will add more trophy in the near future.

All Hero and Galery

You can check your current trophy by going into your profile page and enter the Gallery of Triumphs. As you can see below, currently i only have 3 trophies in my gallery.

Gallery of Triumphs

You wanna get more trophy than me? Check out the below list and get the trophy you want. Unfortunately, if you are missing the International 4 Compedium, you will unable to get some trophies related to them. Don’t worry though, there’s still another trophy for you!

Dota 2 Trophy List
Compendium Level
Awarded for obtaining and levelling up a compendium for The International 2014.

Ten Hero Challenge
Awarded for completing the Ten Hero Challenge as part of The International 2014 Compendium.

Daily Hero Challenge
Awarded for completing Daily Hero Challenges as part of the International 2014 Compendium.

All-Hero Challenge
Awarded for completing the All-Hero Challenge.

Victory Prediction Taunts in a Row
Awarded for successfully predicting that you’re going to win a game before the horn sounds multiple times in a row.

Lifetime Winnings
Awarded for winning Fantasy Dota leagues. You get points based on how you placed in the league: 3 points for first place, 2 points for second place, and one point for third place.

Season 1 First / Second and Third Places
Awarded for winning first, second and third places in a Fantasy Dota league for Fantasy Season 1.

Champion Last Hitter
Awarded for scoring a high amount of last hits during the Last Hit Practice.

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