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Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 | 18 comments

First Batch of Beta Invites are Going Out!

Dota 2 golden ticket
The first wave of massive beta invites has just sent away! If you already register the beta invitation, check your email now. If you got the beta key, i”m happy for you! And

if don”t get it, don”t worry, i think they will have the second wave of beta invites soon or later. Cheers!


  1. I got email but it asking to survey

    • Yes, just fill the survey and they will sent the beta keys to you.. :)

      • I filled out the survey. Do we find out about the beta keys through steam or through e-mail?

        • its through your e-mail, the one registered for your steam account.

          just wait for your turn, they won’t give us the beta key right away.

          • when? I cant wait. im done in my survey too

          • one year after u have done ur survey u will get the key

          • tnx 12312453125 …………………………………….


      • I did the survey but no key.

  2. I keep checking my mail hoping that it will come in anytime soon…. May be it’s not gonna happen. :(

  3. i can’t click the survey link :(

  4. just wait ppl.

    the first wave is for the ones who have registered in the signup for beta months ago.

    for the ones who took the survey, we have to wait more coz Valve will prioritize those who have signed up for beta, the one that was months ago.

  5. I’ve done the survey as well, so I think I should be getting a beta key in the second wave of beta invites :)

  6. im done w/ the survey now…
    will they send me the key and the download link to dota 2 or just the key?
    if so, where i can download dota2?

  7. I’m done the survey but still nothing happen until now :( Dont let me gotta disappoint to DotA2

  8. actually im done the survey olso.. still dindt receive my beta key.. ==’

  9. I’ve done the survey :( You have no idea how boring HoN has become, please please beta key , all I want for christmas IS YOUU

  10. is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  11. I’m really anxious on getting a beta key. I got an email sent on my birthday and was thinking this was like the best birthday gift every. But I’m guessing my survey wasn’t up to par with what they were looking for. I barely have any experiences, but I’m currently been playing more and more Dota. So that I get enough experiences when it eventually do come and for that, I can’t wait!


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