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DOTA 2 Drow Ranger Guide, Build & Strategy

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DOTA 2 Drow RangerDOTA 2 Drow Ranger Guide, Build, and Strategy (Traxex the Drow Ranger). Drow Ranger is a highly versatile fighter. She provides constant support for her team: pinning the enemies with Frost Arrows, Silencing them to prevent magical retaliation. Her passive Precision Aura and Marksmanship abilities enhance her natural agility, and make her a welcome addition to any team. A good archer keeps her distance, kiting constantly to keep an enemy under the pressure of a continual barrage, but never gets close enough for them to harm her. This is Drow in her element.

Drow Ranger Background Story
Drow Ranger’s given name is Traxex–a name well suited to the short, trollish, rather repulsive Drow people. But Traxex herself is not a Drow. Her parents were travelers in a caravan set upon by bandits, whose noisy slaughter of innocents roused the ire of the quiet Drow people. After the battle settled, the Drow discovered a small girl-child hiding in the ruined wagons, and agreed she could not be abandoned. Even as child, she showed herself naturally adept at the arts they prized: Stealth, silence, subtlety. In spirit, if not in physique, she might have been a Drow changeling, returned to her proper home. But as she grew, she towered above her family, and came to think of herself as ugly because her features were symmetrical and devoid of warts and coarse whiskers; estranged from her adopted tribe, she withdrew to live alone in the woods. Lost travelers who find their way from the forest sometimes speak of an impossibly beautiful Ranger who peered at them from deep among the trees, but vanished like a dream before they could approach. Lithe and stealthy, icy hot, she moves like mist in silence. That whispering you hear is her frozen arrows finding an enemy’s heart.

Name: Drow Ranger (Dota 2), Traxex the Drow Ranger
Affiliation: The Radiant
Type: Agility

Drow Ranger Skills
Coming Soon!

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  1. hey … a better traxex,,,looks much sexy than last..

    • hey … a better traxex,,,looks much beautyful than last..

  2. ..|.. she’s just look like a boy look it’s have a mustach ..|..

    • Finding this post has aneesrwd my prayers

  3. what kind of hero was that? drow looks like
    a boy . she’s kinda look gay for me . 🙁

  4. wow,,, traxex look different than dota 1…

    • i love you traxex ^_^ look sexy


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