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DotA 2 Will Be Revealed on GamesCom?

People are now craving about every single bit of DotA 2 information. And here you got it! After didn’t attend the E3, it seems Valve decided to participate on the GamesCom. According to the GoNintendo, we know that Valve will be join the other company (such as Electronic Arts, Capcom) in the GamesCom which will be held at Cologne, Germany from the 17th to 21st August 2011.We still don’t have any official confirmation whether DotA 2 will be previewed in the GamesCom. But there’s a huge chances that they will revealed DotA 2 there since the end of 2011 (Valve estimation of DotA 2 release date) is already near. Even so, don’t get your hope too high because it might be possible  that Valve will reveal something about Half Life 3 instead.

So, let’s pray and hopefully Valve will show us something cool there! ;)

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One Response to “DotA 2 Will Be Revealed on GamesCom?”

  1. Junky says:

    That’s great news. But, even if people at Valve on GamersCom say when DotA 2 is going to be released, we still won’t know when it’s actually going to be released :P

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