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Posted by on Aug 25, 2011 | 28 comments

DOTA 2 User Interface in Details!

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The International, the very first DOTA 2 tournament, has revealed the DOTA 2 appearance. Well, it’s still the Beta version though, but we can grasp few things from tournament. Let’s check it out!

The above images is the appearance on the Captain Mode pick. Now we can see the banned and picked heroes from each team with ease. I must say that i love

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this interface 🙂

Now, let’s move on the actual game play appearance!

Let’s see what we got from the above image:
1. Radiant’s kill
2. Radiant’s team name
3. Death count down timer (below each hero icon)
4. Radiant heroes icon
5. Game time and day/night indicator
6. Dire’s team name
7. Dire’s kill
8. Minimap
9. Hero’s face and name
10. Level indicator
11. Experience bar
12. Hero’s stats
13. Health and Mana bars, the number on the right indicates the regeneration for each bar
14. Hero skills, the yellow squares below the skill indicates the level of each skill, 4 squares means level 4
15. Show items on the stash (stash probably the hero circle)
16. Your gold and shop, you can drag the item into the black box for quick buy
17. Hero inventory (items)
18. In game health and mana bar (the mana bar only showed to the allies)

Well, i do love the new interface, but about you? Do you like it? Or there’s some part that you wanna change? Share with us on the comment section! 🙂

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  1. well i dont like the “radiant” and “dire” title at all. just stick with senti and scourge! cmon people! -.-

    • Radiant and Dire sounds way better than Sentinel and Scourge and you can shorten it to R and D.

      • o.0. dont you get it? what i mean is “stick with the fucking stories!” R and D? sounds good. it was like
        Man1: “hey i love heroes on R? i hate D!”
        Man2: “are you talking to breast cups or bloodtypes?
        Man1: =(

        • Don’t like it? Get the fuck off bitch!! Don’t play the game asshole!! Go stick to your old DoTA or what bitch u been playing!!

        • dude i totally fucking agree !!

    • The reason Dota2 doesnt use Sentinal n scourge maybe because of copyright of warcraft by Blizzard. Same as certain item in the game as well has been change name.

      • duh whatever. the copyrights was already copied obviously -.-. so what now? with that changes they made, they will just be the same as hon and lol.

        • Are you mentally retarded for real? Do you really think that the names “Sentinel” and “Scourge” are the only thing that makes DotA into DotA? Then you really have to think twice. It’s the gameplay, the heroes, the mekanics etc etc. If you are to stupid to understand that then FUCK OFF TWAT

          • Obviously i seen retard like u!! Talking Dota like ur fucking alcoholic dad history. Did u ever play earlier Dota version?! Do you know who is the creator? Do you know the conflict between the old creators? NO?! Find the fuckin info urself dumb ass. Then u know, why valve doesn’t use Sent n scourge.

          • i know that Icefrog and some creators of DOTA are in conflict though i don’t know the reason. i just saw a letter in the official website of DOTA 1 or 2 years ago that they’ll be closing the site. and it also mentioned LoL there, something like they’re moving their focus on LoL.

          • hey fuckface ofcourse! even a 70 yr old man knows that the fuckin “gameplay” is way better than graphics. we all know that!! but did you know that “stories between games are the one that makes it more interesting”. ur so dumb really

    • Radiant and Dire sounds nicer . i think .

    • i like Radiant and Dire 🙂

  2. what i would like to know is, the hot key system… i don’t like how the warcraft version has the buttons all over the place…. if you guys and make the abilities range from W,E,R,T,Y (being that i saw a couple heroes with more that 4 abilities). the hot keys for the items U,I,O,J,K,L (for laptop users like myself). the overall look is great the name change is fine.
    gameplay looks spot on…

    • tHE HOTKEYS on this game is QWER etc..
      I dont know if the items are ALT + QWE / ASD

      • You are both wrong.

        The hotkeys are customisabled, so you can bind whatever keys you want. You can also bind a certain spell to a certain hero if you wish that. Get some facts before posting plz.

        • thats the dumbest thing i have heard… “You can also bind a certain spell to a certain hero if you wish that” ? what does that mean… how am i wrong for suggesting a layout for the hotkeys? dumbass nerds

        • i agree … i think that’s better, you can customize the skills/spells & inventories on the certain keys , than old dota…

  3. At first the UI looked stupid but after actually seeing it implemented in-game in this tournament I must say it looks really good! Everything that you need is there on screen plus more! I can’t wait for this game…it’s gonna drive HoN and LoL out of existence!

  4. for me, DOTA 2 is better than HON ang LOL 🙂

  5. i haven’t played LoL, HoN or any other games that is like DOTA so i’m excited with DOTA 2, i just hope Valve will stick to the Q4 2011 release date. though i think there’s still some heroes missing from the original DOTA like Ogre Magi, Phantom Lancer, etc. or are they already there? if there’s anyone who knows a match at The International that plays a Phantom Lancer or Ogre Magi, give me the link or at least reply it here.

    hon not deserve any place on moba type…bcoz , not original ,shameless wc3 copy paster!
    the best DotA platform is wc3(or any blizzard games)…
    have you saw the international games(on ,the games getting slower slower and ….i just hope valve manage to bring back the real dota(on wc3) fire!

  7. The Exp bar and Stats seems to be quite small unlike the old interface which is very clear. The HP and mana bar is perfect 😀

    anyway, I still dont get what the shop button does. Shop items can be bought anywhere instead of just the base,secret and goblin shop?

  8. why mana bar can only be seen be allies !!!… make it seen to all plz

    • If the mana bar was seen to all.. AM would just run around and be gay as fuck :p

  9. sdfsdfsdf

  10. way dont creat the troll warlord in dota 2

  11. New snare work:


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