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DOTA 2 Sand King Guide, Build & Strategy

DOTA 2 Sand KingDOTA 2 Sand King Guide, Build and Strategy. The Sand King emphasizes area of effect damage more than most. All four of his abilities can damage multiple foes at once. Burrowstrike, his mainstay, damages and stuns targets in a line. In addition, when using this ability, the Sand King burrows to the target location which sets him up for additional attacks or spells. This can get him into trouble though, and to help evade counter attacks he uses Sand Storm. While active, this ability makes the Sand King invisible in the middle of a swirling storm of dust. Although he is unable to move while remaining invisible, nearby enemies will take damage as long as they remain in the storm. The Sand King can finish off groups off units with his Caustic Finale passive skill, which causes a deadly explosion every time he kills a unit with his physical attack. Epicenter, arguably Sand King’s most deadly ability, creates a pulsing earthquake centered on his location. When combined with Burrowstrike, this ability is often fatal to fragile heroes, and leaves tougher enemies wounded and limping for safety.

Sand King Background Story
Sandking is a guardian of the Scintillant Waste, a vast desert whose shifting sands are alive and sentient. In outward appearance, Sandking resembles a huge arachnid, but his exoskeleton is a form of magic armor, forged by the Djinn of Qaldin. The armor is filled entirely with sentient sand, giving Sandking a solid appearance. In this form he strides the world beyond the desert, acting as warrior and sole ambassador of his kind.

Affiliation: The Dire
Type: Strength

Sand King Skills
Coming Soon!

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  1. sandking a killer pusher but look what had happen in mineski sandking very very weak use less sandking in tournament sandstorm then walk very disapointing tsk.tsk.tsk but still mineski is the best.

  2. stupid sandking . :)
    wtf is he doing on an a game
    between E-home
    and Mineski? he’s fu*k useless in there .

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