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Posted by on Jan 15, 2011 | 35 comments

DotA 2 Price


2 price will be one of the most important factor for people who want to move on from DotA to DotA 2. This post will give you with all the information regarding DotA 2 price in every region in the world. Stay tuned!

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  1. They have also got to consider some of the competition like League of Legends who game is free, but you must pay to make it look better, or advance faster. I personally think this system is genius for attracting new players to the community. Of course you’ll try out a game if its free. You get hooked, you want more, so you start dumping $ into it. As well as there’s not like a one time fee for it if you decide you like it. Some people have dumped hundreds into similar “free to play, buy upgrades” games versus the up front $30 you would spend.

    • Yeah, it’s a typical strategy to adopt such a system nowadays. But until now, we still don’t know what kind of payment that DotA 2 will use..

  2. @Rocesim League of Legends is a joke.

  3. dota 2 is going to be shit, same heroes, same items, same everything but with new sparkly graphics.
    shit game for shit players.

    • dan stfu youre a hater and a NOOB , youre probably angry u cant play dota that good >>>>>

    • u are the one who is shit here..when the time dota 2 comes out in the market, it will kick your funny noob ass.. :D

    • You’re fucking retarded… they’re not trying to make a new game, they are UPGRADING it from the original Warcraft III engine to the new VALVe engine… of course it will be the same, that’s what we want! Otherwise we’d go play shitty games like LoL and HoN… you fucking retard..

    • Maybe you should stop hating this awesome game sir…
      And…… ur own shit

    • ur a fuckedtard………..

  4. Given that Team Fortress is Free, and have a shop to buy weapons and hats, and the fact that Team Fortress is Valve’s testing game. I think Dota 2 will become free. But I don’t know though.

  5. One time fee is the right choice for the fans of DotA. Else if they do it like in LOL, starting with limited hero roaster, i will not get it, limiting you in the start, making you have to pay to get the basic full experience. Diferent maps, alternate models, other goodies as separate DLCs to get more money is more suitable a way, but not limiting you to a fraction of what you’re used to have in WC3 DotA.

  6. i hope it will be free like w3 dota.. where i can play dota2 like garena for warcraft rpg dota.?

    • ya..i hope to will free like war3 dota …i hope Icefrog give us present….

  7. english region = $49.9

  8. besides the payment for the game…If dota 2 will have some other payments before playing I think the number of players will decrease compared to players of Dota 1 on WC3

  9. what the fuck ! Dota2 need to pay money ?

  10. If dota2 will pay money ,am sure that no one will play it ,therefore dota is still the most funniest game for me ! Am really upset after know that dota2 need to pay the price ,what the fucking damn !

  11. Noob team ! cost us money ? We don’t gonna play it and we will comment every wedsite that dota 2 need money …. watch your back ! Icefrog / Valve …. stupid steam always costs a lot of money ~

  12. no one would play dota 2 if needed the money!!
    DOTA 2 = SUCK!!

  13. how much for malaysia region i want to pay for dota 2

  14. can i buy this year i realy want dota 2 baddly

    • i have betakey pm me my email is


  16. is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  17. who are a people
    like a shitt
    if would pay some fuck donation

  18. if anyone wants dota 2 on steam i will trade it for the witcher 2 and orcs must die. my account is

  19. if it goes to phil….. can you sell us 100 pesos for the CD or what ….
    make it cheaper or I’ll just play League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth …. well
    HoN is like DotA so no problem to me in that case…or maybe Rise of Immortals..hahahha
    there is many games like DotA and its for free …. so why do I need to pay for just this game …

  20. So many cheap fuckers in this thread

  21. Going by the comments here a one time fee would be perfect because it would alienate the angry kids who usually play Dota! I may actually play this!

  22. Going by the comments here a one time fee would be perfect because it would alienate the angry kids who usually play Dota! I may actually play this!

  23. cost money noob game fgame

  24. I don’t care if I have to pay,I love this game and I would give everything for it!

  25. nah :’(

  26. i luv mat rempit

  27. how much dota 2


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