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DOTA 2 Nature’s Prophet Guide, Build & Strategy

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DOTA 2 Nature's ProphetDOTA 2 Nature’s Prophet Guide, Build, and Strategy. Nature’s Prophet is an unusual intelligence hero. His only damaging spell is his ultimate, Wrath of Nature, which is most effective when cast as far as possible from its intended victims. Instead of offensive spells, he relies on his physical attack and his allies to take down enemies. With his summoned army of Treants, he is a great lane pusher. His main advantage is his amazing mobility. Using Teleportation, he can jaunt anywhere on the battlefield at will. A player with good map awareness is invaluable help to his allies, since he can potentially join any battle, anywhere on the map. With Sprout, he can trap enemy heroes and then finish them off with his strong physical attack and allied help. He can summon an army of Treants with Nature’s Call and quickly destroy enemy towers and structures before the enemy can regroup to retaliate. His final spell, Wrath of Nature, can be used to soften up targets across the map while drawing large amounts of gold from enemy creeps. Whether you wish to play Nature’s Prophet, or effectively oppose him, map awareness is key.

Nature’s Prophet Background Story
The clan of the Natural Order are pacifists by birthright. Their guild stands to proect the life force and energy of the forest and all of the wildlife contained within, only acting in preventative ways to maintain their symbiotic relationship with the wild. When conflict descended upon the world, the elite prophets met to discuss their role of stewardship and how best to the protect the land. In the end, it was decided that only the most powerful and mysterious of their kind, the Nature’s Prophet. The Prophet is less a skilled user of natural magic than he is a forceful impetus of the wild itself.

DotA Name : Furion the Prophet
DOTA 2 Name : Nature’s Prophet
Affiliation: The Radiant
Type: Intelligence

Nature’s Prophet Skills

More Nature’s Prophet Details Coming Soon!

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