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Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 | 2 comments

[Dota 2] March 28 2012 Patch Notes: The Papa Bear is Coming!

Lone Druid Dota 2

The Jungle got a New Visitor!

After yesterday entering the Test Build, now Lone Druid officially enters the Dota 2! Lone Druid is an Agility hero from the Radiant. He is a great pusher thanks to his Spirit Bear”s Demolish ability which gives more damage to the building. As we said yesterday, Valve improve the warding skill of the bots along with some UI tweak. This patch also the got the first material for Medusa inside it. And on his blog post, Valve also saying that there won”t be any patch next week , so don”t bother waiting on your PC for Dota 2 updates until two weeks again :) Anyway, check out the detailed changelogs below!

Dota 2 March 28 2012 Changelogs

March 28 2012 Show</>

Enjoy playing with your bear!


  1. wao that is good xD

    • Yeah, but next week there won’t be any patch.. Or will it be..? (April Fool is near..)

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