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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 | 3 comments

[Dota 2] July 5 2012 Patch Notes: Disruptor and Undying are Here!

Disruptor Patch Dota 2

I”m here to assist you brother Axe!

Wohoooo! Another 2 Heroes Patch Streak! Last week we got Luna and Wisp. And this week Valve gave us another couple, Disruptor and Undying! This patch also let Rubick, Wisp and Luna entered the Captain”s Mode. Lots of bugs  fixed. Meanwhile, under the hood, we got Slark”s skill description already inserted into the client, indicated that Valve already started working on him. Enough the talk, let”s check the full changelogs, shall we?

Dota 2 July 5 2012 Changelogs

Disruptor Dota 2
Added Disruptor

Dota 2 Flesh Golem Undying
Added Undying

- Enabled Rubick, Wisp, and Luna in Captain”s Mode.
- Fixed a number of issues that caused effects to be delayed and in some cases not show up while watching Tournament games.
- You can now select your favorite hero and gear to showcase in your profile.
- Tournaments you have passes for are now shown in your profile.

Dota 2: July 5 2012 Show</>

Hidden Changelogs
- Slark : Skill string added

Nice Patch Valve! I wonder how long you can keep this 2 heroes streak. But if you do, all the fans will be more than happy receiving 2 new heroes each week :)


  1. Since Axe and Disruptor are considered as brethren in Dota 2,
    I suggest having Ember Spirit be like Storm Spirit (only difference is that he’s red and he’s wielding two swords just like his Dota 1 counterpart).

    • Axe and Disruptor are bothers in Wc3 campaign as well

  2. I wonder just how many heroes they can release and maintain by the tome the beta finishes

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