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Dota 2 Items & Recipes Guide

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Dota 2 Items & Recipes Guide. Along with heroes, knowledge about items is mandatory for your survival in the Dota 2 match. Your item choice will determine the outcome of your match. So, take your time to analyze and learn each item price, recipe, tips and counter.


ClarityTangoHealing SalveEnchanted MangoTown Portal ScrollDust Of AppearanceAnimal CourierFlying CourierObserver WardSentry WardSmoke Of DeceitBottle


Iron BranchGauntlets Of StrengthSlippers Of AgilityMantle Of IntelligenceCircletBelt Of StrengthBand Of ElvenskinRobe Of The MagiOgre ClubBlade Of AlacrityStaff Of Wizardry


Ring Of ProtectionQuelling BladeStout ShieldBlades Of AttackChainmailHelm Of Iron WillBroadswordQuarterstaffClaymoreJavelinMithril HammerOrb Of Venom


Magic StickSages MaskRing Of RegenBoots Of SpeedGloves Of HasteCloakGem Of True SightMorbid MaskGhost ScepterBlink DaggerShadow AmuletRing Of HealthVoid Stone


Wraith BandNull TalismanMagic WandBracerPoor Mans ShieldSoul RingPhase BootsPower TreadsOblivion StaffPerseveranceHand Of MidasBoots Of TravelMoon Shard


Ring Of BasiliusHeaddressBucklerUrn Of ShadowsRing Of AquilaTranquil BootsMedallion Of CourageArcane BootsDrum Of EnduranceVladmirs OfferingMekansmPipe Of InsightGuardian Greaves


Force StaffNecronomiconEuls Scepter Of DivinityDagonVeil Of DiscordRod Of AtosAghanims ScepterOrchid MalevolenceRefresher OrbScythe Of VyseGlimmer CapeOctarine CoreSolar Crest


CrystalysArmlet Of MordiggianSkull BasherShadow BladeBattle FuryEthereal BladeRadianceMonkey King BarDaedalusButterflyDivine RapierAbyssal BladeSilver Edge


Hood Of DefianceBlade MailVanguardSoul BoosterBlack King BarShivas GuardManta StyleBloodstoneLinkens SphereAssault CuirassHeart Of TarrasqueLotus Orb


Helm Of The DominatorMask Of MadnessSangeYashaMaelstromDiffusal BladeDesolatorHeavens HalberdSange And YashaMjollnirEye Of SkadiSatanic

Secret Shop

Demon EdgeEaglesongReaverSacred RelicHyperstoneMystic StaffEnergy BoosterPoint BoosterVitality BoosterPlatemailUltimate OrbTalisman Of Evasion

Name Change List

DotA Dota 2
Boots of Elvenskin Band of Elvenskin
Ogre Axe Ogre Club
Sobi Mask Sage’s Mask
Planewalker’s Cloak Cloak
Ring of Regeneration Ring of Regen
Mask of Death Morbid Mask
Ancient Jango of Endurance Drum of Endurance
Headdress of Rejuvenation Headdress
Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse Scythe of Vyse
Armlet of Mordiggian Armlet
Cranium Basher Skull Basher
Lothar’s Edge Shadow Blade
Buriza do Kyanon Daedalus
Eaglehorn Eaglesong
Messerschmidt’s Reaver Reaver

This page will provide you with the latest list of items and recipes on the Dota 2.

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Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 | 21 comments
Latest update : June 7, 2015


  1. where is the “boot of elvenskin”?

  2. Sange and Yasha icons sucks

    • same thing i said to my buddy the day i saw ’em =(

    • That’s because the icon art along with a number of the art assets aren’t finished. You’d think the “beta” part would give that away to many players.

  3. some of them sucks!! armlet…sange yasha…satanic :-&

  4. some items are cool but others are not…and 1 thing is missing…MAGIC WAND….

  5. SnY Looks bad

  6. helm of dominator and armlet really sucks…

  7. S & Y are cheap items man! u wont get a beautiful one in your inventory … everything should not be beautiful .. 😛

  8. The in game shop totaly needs a fix. People keep getting lost in there, including my self..

  9. The in game shop totaly needs a fix. People keep getting lost in there, including my self..

  10. tagal nman lalabas nyang dota 2 nakaka bobo na

    • hirap na nga eh !!

  11. most of them SUCKS!! i think dota 1 better

  12. manos os intens são muito log isto
    vaii serrr masa de mais

  13. where is the battle fury and butterfly?

  14. imu mama satanic!!!!

  15. imu mama pus bahu bole pti peang niya bunghag

  16. cool..divine,,,butterfly,,,,and!!abyssal

  17. how please get items to inventory (no in match help please) No buy ???

  18. This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any ariletcs on rehab?


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