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Dota 2 Heroes Guide and List

Dota 2 Heroes Guide and List. This page will provide you with the complete list of Dota 2 heroes. Heroes is the most essential thing on playing Dota. Each heroes have their own role and capability, so think carefully before you pick your hero.

Radiant Strength
Dota 2 Sven Dota 2 Omniknight Dota 2 Kunkka Dota 2 Huskar Dota 2 Earthshaker Dota 2 Dragon Knight Dota 2 Clockwerk Dota 2 Beastmaster Dota 2 Alchemist Dota 2 Tiny Dota 2 Brewmaster Dota 2 Treant Protector Dota 2 Wisp

Radiant Agility
Dota 2 Vengeful Spirit Dota 2 Anti-Mage Dota 2 Bounty Hunter Dota 2 Drow Ranger Dota 2 Juggernaut Dota 2 Mirana Dota 2 Morphling Dota 2 Riki Dota 2 Sniper Dota 2 Ursa Lone Druid Phantom Lancer Dota 2 Gyrocopter Dota 2 Luna Dota 2 Templar Assassin Dota 2 Naga Siren

Radiant Intelligence
Dota 2 Zeus Dota 2 Chen Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Dota 2 Enchantress Dota 2 Jakiro Dota 2 Lina Dota 2 Nature's Prophet Dota 2 Puck Dota 2 Shadow Shaman Dota 2 Silencer Dota 2 Storm Spirit Dota 2 Tinker Dota 2 Windrunner Dota 2 Ogre Magi Dota 2 Rubick Dota 2 Disruptor Dota 2 Keeper of the Light

Dire Strength
Dota 2 Tidehunter Dota 2 Axe Dota 2 Doom Bringer Dota 2 Lifestealer Dota 2 Night Stalker Dota 2 Pudge Dota 2 Sand King Dota 2 Skeleton King Dota 2 Slardar Dota 2 Spirit Breaker Dota 2 Lycanthrope Dota 2 Chaos Knight Dota 2 Undying Dota 2 Magnus

Dire Agility
Dota 2 Weaver Dota 2 Bloodseeker Dota 2 Broodmother Dota 2 Faceless Void Dota 2 Razor Dota 2 Shadow Fiend Dota 2 Spectre Dota 2 Venomancer Dota 2 Viper Dota 2 Clinkz Dota 2 Phantom Assassin Dota 2 Nyx Assassin Dota 2 Meepo

Dire Intelligence
Dota 2 Ancient Apparition Dota 2 Batrider Dota 2 Dark Seer Dota 2 Dazzle Dota 2 Death Prophet Dota 2 Enigma Dota 2 Leshrac Dota 2 Lich Dota 2 Lion Dota 2 Necrolyte Dota 2 Pugna Dota 2 Queen of Pain Dota 2 Warlock Dota 2 Witch Doctor Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer Dota 2 Bane Shadow Demon Dota 2 Dota 2 Visage

Upcoming Heroes
Dota 2 Medusa
Dota 2 Slark

This page will provide you with the latest list of heroes on the DOTA 2.

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  1. If you found heroes that still not listed in here, feel free to notify us via comment or feedback page :)

    • Where is Sacred Warrior?

      • your stupid huscar is sacred worior! Dummy!?

      • dud im sorry ok.

    • Where am I?



  4. blood seeker, troll, invoker

  5. terrorblade? soul keeper?

  6. Pandaren Brewmaster?

  7. DoTA 2 ROSHAN!! please reveal him!!

  8. Nevermore?

  9. Where’s Bane Hallow?

  10. Where’s Bristleback?

    • where is legion commader???

  11. where is soul keeper (terrorblade)????????????????????????????????

  12. slark???

  13. troll warlord?


  15. mangixx (pandaren brewmaster) <<– do they hate pandas so they made storm as human? T_T
    dirge (undying)
    magnus (magnataur)
    kael (invoker)
    Anub'arak (nerubian assasin)
    aggron (ogre magi)

    —all the heroes i use are not included—

    ikaros (phoenix)

    • All those heroes are not there yet because the DOTA 2 creators are trying to find a loophole to add those characters due to blizzard’s copyright for those characters game model and art.
      This is also a reason why they changed most of the characters appearance.

    • kau lah paling bodoh..

    • They don’t hate pandas, Blizzard doesn’t like Valve doing dota 2 and pandas are Blizzard property

  16. where is jahrak’a

  17. centuar warchief….??

  18. why is lycanthrope missing

  19. why are you keeping Lifestealer at upcoming heroes list????

  20. Where is Troll Warlord

    • Hidden maybe

  21. where is roofelen ( treant protector )

  22. Wheres Medusa (Gorgon)?

  23. they will put all the heroes that are in dota

  24. slark..?? murloc..??

  25. mirana,doom,huscar,vangebull,obsidian,invoker,leon,cardel,ogremagi,my bestpick

  26. they frogot naga siren :(

  27. Cmon make the sexy Mortred. you missed out my fav -.-

  28. where are :
    troll , centaur , naga siren , mortred and others …………….

  29. more 40 hero do

    • Yeah, still a long way until all heroes ported :)

      • jajja DotA 2 is faster than Dota 1 in heroes

  30. where is meepo (geomancer) ???

  31. Naga – Tauren warchief – Slark – Tuskar

  32. grand magus …..

  33. I sudgest to make pit lord coming soon because pitlord is the best support on clashing in escaping…so pls. make it quckly

  34. When soul keeper will coming?

  35. where w can download dota 2 … the client or installer …. we want to play dota 2 for free thank’s

  36. Please send me a link in my e-mail ….. the installer or client thank so much love yah

  37. Troll Warlord please the fastest attack speed.

  38. meepo pls :( ((

  39. where is terrorblade? i wait for terrorblade

  40. hope to have the Phantom Assassin now.

  41. i need tiny..

  42. kira-kira, si Jahrakal bakal ada gak di dota 2??

  43. hm…nice graphic but to little hero in it….
    but still…ok…i think

  44. In DotA 2 the powers are not too visible and have a lot of changes >_<! i dont know if you understand me

  45. dragonknight and silencer looks cool ^.^

  46. Americans only play LoL, DOTA is so hard for you. Use your material better next time

  47. Terrorblade (Soul Keeper) ?

  48. wow i like at

  49. but must of it i hope troll war lord will realse soon

  50. When Arc Warden??

  51. nice hero?what can i do for sign up to dota2?

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