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DOTA 2 Gamescom Tournament Replays (VoDs) now Available!

We know most of you having difficulties on watching the live streaming of the DOTA 2 tournament on GamesCom, Germany. But rest assured as Valve already published their replays. Now you can watch the DOTA 2 Replays of GamesCom on below videos:

DotA 2 Match: iG vs EHOME (Group A)

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DotA 2 Match: Mineski vs. SGC (Group A)

DotA 2 Match: Tyloo vs. (Group B)

DotA 2 Match: vs. Virus (Group B)

DotA 2 Match: Mineski vs. iG (Group A)

DotA 2 Match: EHOME vs. SGC (Group A)

DotA 2 Match: Tyloo vs. (Group B)

DotA 2 Match: vs Virus (Group B)

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DotA 2 Match: SGC vs. iG (Group A)

DotA 2 Match: EHOME vs. Mineski (Group A)

DotA 2 Match: Virus vs. Tyloo (Group B)

DotA 2 Match: OK.Nirvana.Int vs (Group B)

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With these replays, now you can go to school or work without worries (including me!). Stay tune on DotA 2 Blog for more coverages of the tourney! :)

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  • Summer_bietch

    cacat game

    • JigSAW3D Bry

      Are u PRO in Playing DOTA :)

  • immortal

    Mineski.Infinity, weak, no team work!.. :-(

    • Goozii

      mineski.infinity is NOT WEAK . they have accomplished one of their challenging missions . to take atleast one team from china . and thats :P
      peace :)

      • immortal

        okay :-)

    • Danielgomez0


      • JigSAW3D Bry

        i think ur from philippines , because u cheer mineski

  • JigSAW3D Bry

    do u want to try me sir 1vs1 ? if u can push my tower u already the winner

  • Gozii

    @immortal – Mineski.infinity is not weak . they have accomplished one of their missions. to take even one team from china ,and thats :)

  • IceFox

    NA’VI and EHOME are the best :-)

    mineski.infinity good team also :-D

    • JigSAW3D Bry

      But Sometimes the player who go to the room of mineski. infinity quit because they play with me, of couse they are my enemy in playing Dota

      • toilet shy

        coz u played so bad

  • Jayr

    good warding is the key… which mineski lacks… ^^ noob comment

    • JigSAW3D Bry


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