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Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 | 4 comments

Dota 2 February 17 2012 Patch Notes: Outworld (Obsidian) Destroyer Unleashed!

Outworld Destroyer Patch

Our long await is over! After 2 weeks without a single patch, Valve has given us their biggest updates for the Dota 2 client. Outworld (Obsidian) Destroyer is now available on the heroes pool. Not only that, Valve also gives us many new features updates. Check it out!

Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Fixes include:

- Enabled Outworld Destroyer!
– Added new game mode: Single Draft.
– Added querying of dead units. This lets you click allied portraits in the top bar to inspect their items and skills, even when they”re dead.
– Queued move commands show a waypoint flag briefly.
– Added new settings panel.
– Matchmaking displays average wait time for each region.
– New interface for finding lobbies.
– New Matchmaking panel.
– Players can chat and use voice communications while the game is paused.
– Added game mode (AP, SD, CM) selection for matchmaking.
– You can now find replays by MatchID from the Watch panel.
– Added Grid Mode to the Shop.
– Added Repick functionality to the hero picking panel (costs 100 gold to repick, lets you select a hero again).
– Implemented “Suggest invite to party” menu option.
– You can now see which heroes your allies are about to pick.
– Added Steam avatars in the scoreboard.
– Added the ability to jump to any position in a replay.

– Alchemist: Fixed Goblin”s Greed”s interaction with Aegis.
– Ancient Apparition: Fixed Ice Blast”s secondary ability not firing off when you die.
– Axe: Fixed Battle Hunger self buff sticking on Axe permanently if the spell was dodged by Puck”s Phase Shift.
– Batrider: Fixed Flamming Lasso being interrupted by an enemy Force Staff.
– Batrider: Fixed turn rate.
– Batrider: Fixed Firefly having a cast time.
– Batrider: Added stack counter effect for your team when using Sticky Napalm.
– Clinkz: Fixed not being able to cast Searing Arrows manually on buildings.
– Clinkz: Fixed Death Pact not being castable on Magic Immune units.
– Clinkz: Fixed Searing Arrows autocast working while silenced/doomed.
– Clinkz: Fixed Searing Arrows bonus damage being treated as a seperate damage instance (it could get reduced twice by stout shield).
– Clinkz: Fixed Death Pact being purgeable.
– Clockwerk: Fixed Hookshot failing if he is infested by Lifestealer.
– Dark Seer: Fixed Vacuum continuously pulling new units in the aoe for a period of time after initial cast.
– Dark Seer: Fixed Vacuum disable/pull duration lasting too long.
– Doom Bringer: Fixed Devour not working when eating a converted neutral creep.
– Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form Frost Breath slowing units while Doomed.
– Huskar: Fixed Life Break partially ignoring Linken”s Sphere.
– Huskar: Fixed Life Break continuing to follow a target that teleported away.
– Invoker: Fixed Invoke not dispelling Curse of the Silent.
– Invoker: Fixed Cold Snap triggering on self damage.
– Invoker: Fixed Tornado dispelling various buffs it shouldn”t (like Wind Walk)
– Kunkka: Fixed X Marks The Spot being purged by Tornado/Diffusal.
– Lich: Fixed Chain Frost having a chance to end prematurely near fog of war edges.
– Lich: Fixed a recent bug where chainfrost wouldn”t choose a magic immune target to bounce to.
– Lich: Fixed Chain Frost deciding late as to which unit it will bounce to next (it would decide after its bounce delay, instead of before)
– Mirana: Fixed Leap being canceled if Mirana got purged during it.
– Nature”s Prophet: Double clicking Teleportation will cast it at the fountain.
– Omniknight: Fixed Repel causing Spirit Breaker to be unable to cancel his Charge of Darkness.
– Puck: Fixed Phase Shift sometimes not dodging incoming attack projectiles.
– Puck: Fixed some types of spells (like EMP) from causing damage when already Phase Shifted.
– Silencer: Added intelligence steal counter to Last Word aura.
– Slardar: Fixed Slithereen Crush”s physical damage not hurting Magic Immune units.
– Sniper: Fixed Headshot bonus proc damage working against Towers and Buildings.
– Sniper: Fixed Headshot working while Doomed.
– Spectre: Fixed Haunt not working properly after a disconnect.
– Spectre: Fixed Reality clearing Curse of the Silent and triggering Magic Stick.
– Ursa: Fixed Fury Swipes working while Doomed.
– Ursa: Fixed Fury Swipes working on allied units.
– Viper: Fixed Poison Attack damage being lethal.
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks deciding late as to which unit it will bounce to next (it would decide after its bounce delay, instead of before)
– Zeus: Fixed Lightning Bolt”s aoe truesight not revealing wards.

– Added Clinkz to Captain”s Mode
– Fixed ranged creep moving infront of the rest on the bottom dire lane
– Fixed collision sizes on Barracks and Filler buildings
– Ring of Aquila, Ring of Basilius, and Radiance no longer flip their toggle if their aura was toggled off when their owner dies.
– Fixed Boots of Travel not selecting dominated units.
– Fixed sweet exploit where you could buy a nice juicy passive item, give it to another friendly hero, have that hero die and upon respawn the passive effects of the item would be granted — Desolator would start desolating, butterfly would start buttering, etc.
– Items now expire their sellback time when their owner dies.
– Fixed Roshan not respawning at the correct time if he was killed before creep spawn.
– Fixed Bounty Hunter and Clinkz”s invisibility getting dispelled by Tornado.
– Fixed Blademail being able to reflect damage from allies/self (causing suicide).
– Trees are now temporarily prevented from respawning if there are any player-controlled units whose collision are within 250 units of the center of the tree.
– Fixed unit targeting behavior being bugged for the following abilities: Carrion Swarm, Dragon Slave, Breathe Fire.
– Fixed courier getting stuck if it received deliver orders

from multiple players.
– Fixed Blademail being dispellable.
– Fixed shop item stock not depleting when purchasing items with a full inventory and stash.
– Fixed being able to refresh allied items with Tinker”s ultimate.

– Fixed an exploit possible that could allow a small portion of abilities to be used while stunned .
– Fixed a rare bug where you would sometimes attack an unexpected unit when attempting to last-hit by spamming stop with auto-attack turned on.
– Shift Hero Select now toggles selection of the hero from the current selection if multiple units are selected.
– Fixed dead heroes being selected when using control groups.
– Fixed bug where the camera would reposition itself when drawing lines on minimap.
– Blink Dagger now blinks in the direction your mouse is in when you double click it.
– Fixed a rare bug where an item could be deleted upon delivery from the courier.
– Fixed a rare bug with legacy keys that could cause your hotkeys to get changed when querying an enemy.
– Purchasing a whole item now gathers owned items from the team”s couriers when calculating what to buy.
– Fixed accidentally selecting units when moving your camera around in camera drag mode.
– Fixed not being able to drop an item from the stash if it is owned by another player.
– Double clicking the “Select All Other Units” hotkey will now move the camera to the location of the units rather than adding your hero to the selection.

– Browse practice lobbies your friends have created or joined.
– Improved readabilty of hero names in minimap.
– Changed Hero Highlighter visuals.
– Removed some elements in the minimap texture that would cause confusion with creeps.
– Fixed controlled units not showing the color of the player controlling them in the minimap.
– Updated Day/Night indicator
– Pause is now correctly delayed for spectators.
– Fixed inventory not updating the state of items if the slot and item matched between querying different units.
– Added a subtitle in the inventory item tooltip indicating if an item”s aura is active or not.
– Added inactive image for Radiance.
– Fixed matchID not showing up on end scores.
– The topbar timer is no longer reset when the game ends.
– Added game settings option for the hero finder when holding alt down
– Added game settings option for the minimap hero icons (shows hero text names when turned off)
– Added game settings option for the HP numbers above your hero”s in world HP Bar
– Fixed long cooldown labels being truncated in item tooltips.
– Fixed cooldown and mana cost not showing properly in dashboard item tooltips.
– Quick buy item tooltips are no longer estranged from their arrow.
– Autocast state is no longer shown for enemy abilities.
– Added visual feedback when moving a hero via the minimap.
– Added “This game is safe to leave” message on the matchmaking status page practice lobbies or matchmade games with a leaver detected.
– Your own row is now highlighted on the game end scoreboard.
– When a player is banned, everyone who reported them since their last ban receives a message when they next login informing them that justice has been served.
– Your friends list is now sorted alphabetically.
– Pinging an enemy now places the ping on them for a short time.
– Mana cost and cooldown fields in the ability tooltips now reflect the current state of the ability (they take into account Death Prophet”s Witchcraft, Aghanim”s changes, etc).
– Added cooldown timers to shop items that are out of stock in grid mode.
– Items from different owners that would stack (e.g. wards) no longer stack in the courier”s inventory.
– Fixed client-side modifier durations so that the icon sweep displays correctly when entering and exiting FoW.
– Fixed bug where there would be a brief flash of the full-duration border on a modifier as it expired.
– Combat log fixes/changes:
– It now specifies whether units are illusions or not for all events.
– Heals now track and specify the healing unit.
– The end-of-game combat summary now counts neither illusions nor self-damage.
– Damage done by units under a hero”s control are now credited to their hero in the combatlog and end-of-game summary.
– Mousing over each server location will show you the name, whether you”re searching in that region or not, and an estimated wait time.

– Redesigned the setting panel to allow for more keybindings and options. You may need to rebind your keys.
– Updated all the keybindings to take advantage of the new settings panel.
– Added spectator keybinds.
– New key input code for spectator and alt-keys.
– Spectator and alt-keys now handle binds correctly.
– Del, backspace, and backquote/tilde are now bindalbe (ie. console is bindable)
– Added courier, neutral and hero specific ability binds.
– Spectators now correctly get all active buffs and debuffs on heroes when joining a game in progress.

– The replay format has changed and old replays are no longer viewable.
– Your own private games are now displayed in your match history.

– Added effect for Phase Boots and Fiery Soul.
– Made Dark Seer”s illusion effect more differentiated from a normal illusion effect.
– Made all known illusions draw with a creep style healthbar. This does not effect enemy illusions, but does apply to Dark Seer”s Wall of Illusion illusions.
– Crystal Maiden illusions will no longer play her custom death anim.
– Heroes now flail while getting force staffed.

– Fixed the item combine sound playing to you when other players combine their items on your courier.
– Added rival death-taunts and other miscellaneous lines to flesh out dialog set for Juggernaut and Sven.

– Revised how and when bots decide to push lanes, defend lanes, and farm.
– Temporarily disabled late game team roaming. It will be back!
– Fixed bug where bot code would cause buyback of human players when playing with bot teammates.
– Made bots more aware of ganks that were happening near them.
– Increased the strength of human pings, and in general made them last longer.
– Fixed bug where bots weren”t going back to base to fetch their TP scrolls, even when they had nothing better to do.
– Made bots less likely to wander across the map just to hit the side shop.
– Fixed bug where bots would buy superfluous flying courier items.
– Fixed bots ignoring seige engines when farming a lane.
– Fixed bots being standoffish to their own creeps.
– Fixed bug that was causing bots to not attack the lowest-health creep when farming a lane.
– When fleeing an enemy hero, bots will no longer immediately forget about the enemy the instant they lose sight of them.
– Made bots more likely to defend structures closer to their base, particularly barracks and their ancient.
– Fixed a case where bots were getting preoccupied with creeps when defending their base.

- Spectators now correctly get all active buffs and debuffs on heroes when joining a game in progress.

It seems Valve is working their best for the Dota 2 players convenient. What do you think of this patch guys?


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