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Posted by on Oct 2, 2011 | 7 comments

Dota 2 Cosmetics & In-Game Store Revealed!

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An article from ValveNews has confirmed the existence of the Dota 2 Cosmetics and In-Game Store. What do you mean by that, you say? Well, cosmetics and in-game store is an additional items which you can buy with real money. Those items usually will change the appearance of your hero.

Moreover, some other game also sell some items which can give some game advantages, but i think (and surely hope) that this won”t be the case for Dota 2.

Enough with the words, let”s check out those items! (thanks to ValveNews)

An optional Axe armor

Another option for the Axe armor

Optional Kunkka with bandana

Another option for Kunkka”s head

Want your Kunkka looks like a pirate? Buy this!

Bracelet for Dazzle

Bracer on Enigma

Windrunner can get a hood so she won”t catch a cold due to her own wind!

What do you think about this? As for me, as long as the cosmetics didn”t give any advantages in the game, i won”t mind it at all. What about you?

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  1. I liked the new cosmetics. It’s really nice and more realistic .

  2. Of course they would have something like this, either LOL an HON have their skins, I guess thta you have to pay for unlock that, not a bad idea at all!

  3. I really would have preferred alternate skins along with cosmetic upgrades. It helps the game not look repetitive. These cosmetics look okay though. I really really hope joke cosmetics are kept to a minimal.

  4. I hope that with the cosmetic benefits, DOTA might become free to play as their income would be based on people buying these sorts of accessories huh?… I guess….

  5. at least it made sense rather than HoN’s Devourer(pudge) with clown outfit.

  6. If they put some accessories that give advantages in-game ill go back to Dota 1…They will ruin the game imo…

  7. is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

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