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DotA 2 Changelogs Leaked!

DotA 2 Changelogs has just came up to the surface. Even though we’re all know that currently Valve is working on the DotA 2, the details are very scarce. Last month, we only know that DotA 2 won’t attending E3 and some person spotted the DotA 2 test server. But thanks to DotA2Talk, we got some sneak peek about what happen inside the Valve team. Curious? Check out these images!

Wow, that was awesome! How did they find that? It seems Valve is already set the Beta forum post private, but they forgot to remove those thread from the search result. (unfortunately, now they already remove the Beta news)

From those images we can speculate that the Beta Testing is started on Nov 18 2010. And we know that Lich, Death Prophet and Vengeful Spirit have been ported to DotA 2! And we also know that we can see the match using some kind of DotA TV. Wow, cool things! You still wants more? There’s an inside person who gave Dotallyrad the details of the changelogs above. Let’s check it out!

14 Apr 2011 / 20 Apr 2011

Spoiler Inside

30 Apr 2011 – Hey it’s an Update

Spoiler Inside

5 May 2011 – Cinco de Update

Spoiler Inside

13 May 2011 – Who wants an Update

Spoiler Inside

26 May 2011 – Ah Fresh Meat (welcome new testers)!

Spoiler Inside

2 Jun 2011 Update. Rearm. Update.

Spoiler Inside

It’s up to you whether you believe the changelogs above, but it’s look pretty legit to me.

What do you think guys? Do you feels the above changes is real? Tell me what you think ;)

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3 Responses to “DotA 2 Changelogs Leaked!”

  1. Glenn says:

    Awesome! More heroes added, hope they will open beta soon~

    • Cymen says:

      VALVe has never done an open beta for any of their games.
      Hope dies last but I sincerely doubt it.

  2. Cymen says:

    Nothing new.
    Those features were confirmed in the frikkin’ announcement article last year.
    I wonder if the Scourge will be called “The Dire” in DOTA 2…
    “* Hooked up Dire version of the Couriers.”
    Sounds cool.
    But otherwise no news for those who read all their publications.

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