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Posted by on Aug 22, 2011 | 5 comments

DOTA 2 Champion Crowned!

Finally, the very first DOTA 2 champions is emerge. The final match between EHOME and Na”Vi which held in the best of 5 formats is won by Navi 3-1. Na”Vi got the first round by default because they are from Winner Bracket. But EHOME immediately draw the score

on the second round. But Na”Vi showed them that they are the champion in the next 2 rounds. Na”Vi won the 1 Million prize while EHOME got 250k for the second place. Check out the replay above! :)

Na”Vi vs EHOME Game 1


Na”Vi vs EHOME Game 2

Na”Vi vs EHOME Game 3

Na”Vi vs EHOME Game 4

Congratulation Na”Vi!

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  1. Just managed to get in the beta. found this site that offers leaked beta keys!

    • Sure?

    • Need to pay for file sonic

    • Please give me beta key

  2. if that’s true then give us a link of a video that you played fool..! b4 we will try to pay.!


  1. gesichtspflege - klapp kosmetik... [...]DOTA 2 Champion Crowned! | DotA 2 Blog[...]...

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