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Channeling Bar on DotA 2!

It seems another interesting leak is coming up in to the surface. This time, the Valve team is “accidentally” post the latest DotA 2 Changelogs on the Team Fortress 2 site. This happening almost at the same time with the redirection of the DotA 2 blog address from to, so it’s very possible that the Valve team intentionally leak the changelogs to create the hype.

Enough with the intro, in this changelogs, we could find an interesting changes. A channeling bar is introduced! Wow! I never thought of that before. This features will certainly help you when you cast channeling spell like Sand King’s Epicenter. I wonder if this could be applied in the WC3 DotA, maybe make it more simple like added a channeling counter above the heroes. Anyway, here is another proof if the changelogs is indeed put in the Team Fortress blog. Enjoy! 

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  • Wrex303


  • Skysong

    Can’t wait for Dota 2. But I wonder how will the community be like.. Playdota forum constantly have a community suggesting new hero, item and skill ideas for Dota. Will the changes made in Dota be applied to Dota 2 as well?

    • Alief

      If i see the leaked changelogs and asuming they are true, when new map coming up on the WC3 dota, the DOTA 2 changelogs is like scynchronize. The example is in above changelogs, there’s a line: Gameplay – DotA 6.72d parity update

      • Skysong

        Cool, I hope they don’t change the gameplay too much. DotA is awesome as it is, DotA 2 should be made for epic pwnage!!

  • Ferryjohn_josafat

    i love iTT xD

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